Thursday, August 31, 2023


 Maybe wear a mask ?


For objective consideration and speculation

 Nothing beats today’s podcasts, diverse alternative media, and Tucker Carlson interviews.

The establishment (“legacy”) media is worthless. Virtually all of them have become mere mouthpieces of the regime, globalist authoritarianism, and cultural Marxist garbage.   ‘No surprise that the EU, the UN, and  governments around the world regularly scheme to destroy free outlets of information.

If you are told that something is a “conspiracy theory” or “misinformation”/“disinformation,” at least recognize the possibility that the uncooperative may be on to something — particularly after years of blatent lying by government and it’s pathetic mouthpieces among the pseudo-intellectual caste. 

If an information source defends the establishment’s party line, they are probably lying. 


More Stasi Tactics from

 The Biden Justice Department

Wednesday, August 30, 2023


The Madness Continues…

And citizens are paying for it.   Citizens are paying to preach the Biden administration’s gospel on niche sexual orientations(!)

 Among the State Department initiatives are a $10,000 grant to a Portuguese LGBT activist group to finance a film festival featuring drag performances, incest, and pederasty. It also provided $20,000 to support a series of drag shows in Ecuador.  

U.S. Government/Wikimedia
Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley: Defending the display of a U.S. Pride flag seen as hostile to the Vatican, she said, “We are a sovereign nation and we make our own decisions.” 

A $300,000 State Department grant to Botswana aimed “to promote greater social acceptance of LGBTQI+ persons, including among influential religious groups and traditional groups” who preach or teach that homosexuality is immoral: Roman Catholics, most evangelical Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews. Earlier this year, Republican scrutiny pressured the State Department to cancel drag shows it had been hosting on U.S. military bases.”

Tuesday, August 29, 2023


Eco Intrusion

This  is such a great symbol of the right/left divide.  Eco-clowns doing absolutely nothing to address their cause beyond inconveniencing others. Like everything from left-land, it’s all about feelings, posing, and concocted concern.  

The motorists blocked by these idiots?  trying to simply practice the most common of practical pursuits — getting to work on time.


The Fulfilling Life

 Brought to you by modern feminism.

Monday, August 28, 2023


“Bidenomics”  in one easy lesson. 


“Sieg Heil”


 Can it get any crazier?


Why can’t these federal judges be honest

 …and come out and just say that they support voter fraud and rigged elections?

Sunday, August 27, 2023



 Really stupid…

How in hell can leftist/Democrats still not be getting it?

The old way was simple.  The candidates and parties stated their position and people — on Election Day — showed an ID, and voted.  The electoral college brilliantly evened out the unfair advantage that would occur from vote tallies in high population urban and coastal centers. 

Now — the Democrat imposed way — election “day” is stretched to however long it takes to insure that a Democomm wins. Ballots can be “harvested,” and put in drop boxes. Mass-mailing of unsolicited ballots are encouraged.  Poll watchers are sent home and massive instantaneous spikes in ballots for Democrats occur overnight…only in areas where the Republican is winning.  

If the election is contested, it’s called a conspiracy theory and a crime — by leftist/Democrat prosecutors and judges.

And, of course, the icing on the cake, if the anti-establishment candidate is polling well, the full force of the Democomm political machine uses the criminal “justice system” to eliminate any opposition.

There are still people out their so deluded by Trump derangement and obedience to Marxist dogma, that they are completely unable to understand how common citizens can see through these truck loads of establishment bullshit.

Backlash, coming soon.   …’Wouldn’t want to be them.

Saturday, August 26, 2023



F…n right! 


“The enemy of my enemy is…who I’m voting for”

 A quote from a privately made Trump ad — nailed it.

Our enemy is the the global corporatist elite who will gladly sacrifice the wellbeing and success of millions to extend their clutches to every nook and cranny of existence.  

Populism is a massive “FUCK YOU” to the scoundrels who seek our demise and the fools who blindly support them. 

Friday, August 25, 2023


A Short Piano Work

 I wrote this long ago. It’s a deliberate transformation from a simple classical style into a modern style — akin to works by Shostakovich.   It’s performed by “Maripiano” from the Fiverr website.

Thursday, August 24, 2023


On the precipice of WWIII

 This is a very informative interview with an intelligent “old-school” military man.  

Most of the uniparty and leftist establishment (and their followers) are all-in on continued war in Ukraine and seem to think that war with Russia would be akin to a Hollywood movie, where one can hit pause, grab a snack, and retire to bed in deluded comfort. 

The bureauminds currently in charge of America’s military preparedness are clueless vapid fools more concerned with nonsensical bullshit like “equity” than actually defending the homeland.  Add in the military industrial complex, lobbyists, and donors, and we have a decision process that leads to the death and ruin of millions.


Monday, August 21, 2023


It’s such a shame that

 Genuinely factual appraisals get such limited press.


Only Democrats

 Can talk about election fraud.


Jump When I Tell You How High

 “In short, Eris is what happens when people refuse to panic about climate change.”


The Climate “Crisis” Isn’t Working

 So,  back to what worked before -  “variants” and more bullshit.


The Horrors of What Might Happen

Did you ever notice that the Leftist Industrial Complex exhibits zero concern for actual problems occuring in the present.  Crime, homelessness, uncontrolled migration, threats from foreign totalitarian regimes,  political corruption, economic turmoil, etc.

With the same passion they exhibit for avoiding the real problems facing citizens, they show unwavering concern for the hypothetical, concocted, and bogus threats they claim are facing us.   Censor information because your mind might be poisoned by “dangerous” alternative viewpoints.  Indoctrinate children to confront an imaginary “white supremacy” pandemic. Unleash the medical profession on young children because, suddenly, there’s an awareness that people are being born into the “wrong” bodies.  Reduce your standard of living because human progress may alter the natural processes that have affected climate throughout the Earth’s history. Eat bugs, because our lives are “unsustainable.”  The polar ice caps will melt, the sea level will rise, billions will starve. A thousand-and-one variations on the Apocolypse will occur at some I’ll-defined future time (or “in ten years”), if we don’t quickly reduce our freedoms, reduce our standard of living, and learn to obey intellectual, corporate, and political elites that somehow know what’s best for our future, when they’ve been consistently wrong in the past. 

Free society, stabilized by a consistent rule of law and openness to diverse viewpoints creates prosperity and the social backdrop for pursuing happiness.  Conjured doom consistently crushes prosperity, freedom, and human advancement.

Wise leadership addresses the real problems occurring now, not the fantasies of elitists with axes to grind on the backs of those who merely wish to be left alone.


Establishment Media…

 Completely  full of shit.

Sunday, August 20, 2023


The Blatant Absurdity of the Witch Hunt.



A Typical Communist Party

 Every country belongs to China (the Chinese Communist Party) …including “the Moon and Mars.” 

Saturday, August 19, 2023



“Compassion”   Strikes again, 

Friday, August 18, 2023



Thursday, August 17, 2023


The totalitarian thugs of our time


Wednesday, August 16, 2023


 This is a channel you don’t want to miss. 




The Democomms really stepped in it….

 Okay, so academics, coastal journalists, and entertainment snobs hate Trump.  The rest of the country not so much.  …Breaking point.



 The Democrat machine, in practice.

Sunday, August 13, 2023


Excellent Overview and Insight

 into the Covid scam.


The “ explosion” reference is to the massive underwater volcanic eruption last year in the Pacific that sent massive amounts of water vapor into the sky (unlike most volcanoes, above water, that typically result in global cooling a year or more after).   



“Follow the Science”…when it suits your purposes

 Some great video footage as well…


Nobody voted for him

 Can we just be done with this asshole.  


‘Just so ya know…


Friday, August 11, 2023


Biden is not satisfied only taking out his domestic political opponents.

 As a true globalist authoritarian, the Biden-allied deep state seeks to destroy anyone who continues to support a free society.  



 If the government is promoting it. It probably sucks.


The Demostate

Never forget;  the Democrats are the political action wing of the government — they are one in the same and have no real concern for the country’s citizens beyond a demand to compel obedience.

Thursday, August 10, 2023


Primary Policy

 The main — initial — objective of the Democrat party is to criminalize, punish, and eliminate one half of the political spectrum. 

The “enemies” which they focus their attention on now are parents who see themselves as sole guardians of their children, traditional Catholics, anyone opposed to abortion at any stage of pregnancy, those who still belive the constitution and bill of rights are the law of the land, anyone who honors American soverignty over the commands of global institutions, and of course…..drum roll!, supporters of Donald Trump — “MAGA.”

Most Democrats are fully on board with a collectivist totalitarian agenda that outlaws any opposition to thier dystopian nightmare.  Respond to them accordingly — within legal parameters. 


The Bizarre Hyperbole of

 Trump Derangement Syndrome.  God forbid that a freely elected president eliminate ISIS, prevent future wars, cut taxes, promote justice in fair trade, deregulate the unelected administrative state, and most of all, disobey the deep state overlords and their destruction of the constitutional order. 

Wednesday, August 09, 2023


Your Tax Dollars at Work



“Elections are totally fair!”

 …if democrats win.

Monday, August 07, 2023


Controlling the Minds of a Billion People

 Excellent short video regarding the power held by Google.


Buckle up

 Don’t be stupid. Have the common sense to realize who the good guys and the bad guys are in this current cultural-political upheaval. 


The Turbulent Dance of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

 A re-edited and posted  video of a piano piece I had composed and had orchestrated to my specs by “Franco” on the Fiverr website.  Video footage by contributors to Pixabay and Pixels. 


“News,” Weather, and Sports…

 …all dutifully on the same page.


 Not my imagination.

Sunday, August 06, 2023


After She Goes to Oz…

 she’ll be back.


If you like murder mysteries…

 You’re gonna love this.


The Party of Perpetual Irony


Saturday, August 05, 2023


The Deluge - Mezzotint Engraving by John Martin

A masterful work of 19th century Romanticism 


Thursday, August 03, 2023


Law and Order

At any given moment, somewhere on the Earth, the dance of harmony and dissonance plays out with marked dispassion. There will always be locations and expressions of aggression, violence, chaos, and crime just as there will always be points and expressions of passiveness, compromise, peace and relative order.  There will always be butterlies on flowers and Praying Mantises stalking their prey.  The question we should be asking is, which expression do we wish to manifest most in our location in time and space (nation, neighborhood, family, etc.). Pretending we can eliminate evil forces from the human condition is not only fullhardy but risks a sort of “possession” that polarities  naturally promote. That said, we certainly don’t need to nod in approval of every wayward act and think of newer ways to motivate the morally challenged.

If one supposes crime can be eliminated by merely addressing issues of “social Justice” (letting criminals “off the hook”), one is bound to get the catastrophe that is current day San Francisco, Portland, and Philadelphia, etc.  One would hopefully recognize that criminal expressions are indeed a bad thing for the rest of us, and that somewhere in the equation there is a need to hold individuals accountable for their actions, (in spite of what societal factors may have been of influence). 

Fortunately, an excess of “order” inevitably breaks down (though North Korea appears to be thus far immune) but, conversely, chaos is bound to lead to ”an equal and opposite reaction” — think Weimar ➡️Third Reich. 

Collectivist philosophy inevitably begins as a catalyst to chaos as it seeks to break down the old order.  When the new “system” is successfully implemented, history can always count on a harsh clampdown — “we’ve got our revolution, now put your toys away, line up, and obey.” 

In a — relatively — free society honest awareness of crime, chaos, and disruption is essential to maintaining enough societal stability to allow citizens to go about their lives pursuing happiness and contributing to civilization’s progress.   

An honest natural order knows that thinking and speaking freely is not a crime.  The same honest awareness knows that stealing from a local store or committing acts of violence surely is.   Today’s milquetoast revolutionary no longer knows what crime is.  With moral bearings askew, they vote for prosecutors and legislators who will guarantee greater concern and sympathy for the most despicable among us while turning a blind eye to harmed innocence.

In America, we hear of “Soros prosecutors” as if lots of well-funded campaign advertising prods people to support the floodgates of violence.  The voting public has been largely indoctrinated over decades by “entertainment” and pathetic public schools that have successfuly diefied the reckless and criminal while chastising the simple virtues of the sound and stable past.

As long as people continue to be easily deceived by the charlatans of mock-compassion (e.g. Democrats), they will live in cities lined with needles, excrement, and threats of bodily harm. 

This is all just another run of the perennial socialist gimmick to elicit obedience and conformity.  As long as the farce continues we can expect the usual cycle of chaos and decline followed by state approved violence and bondage.  

Too bad….

Wednesday, August 02, 2023



 Corporatism is the ultimate quid pro quo.  Powerful institutions — the state and corporate institutions — collaborate to further enhance their power with the promise that said power will be shared.  “You scratch my back [we’ll break the back of common citizens].”


Always on point. 


Democrats and the Socialist Quest to Upend the Republic

Democrats are no longer regular American politics (corrupt or otherwise). They’re radical authoritarians and nothing is off the table in their quest to gain absolute control over everyone’s life.  It won’t be long before their nullification of the constitution will be a mere finishing touch.


Should be played

Far and wide.  God, they F…’n have nerve. 


The Syndicate takes the Stand…and sets fire to it.

In spite of detailed points of contention, it shouldn’t be lost on the public that every legal action directed at Donald Trump has been by rabidly partisan leftist Democrats.   None of the accusations are supposed crimes they just happened upon and felt the need to address.  Before Trump even won the presidency, Democrat-communists were scheming ways to attack him and remove him from the public’s options to slay the establishment state. 

None of this nonsense can be allowed to stand.  At minimum, a massive strike of millions needs to drive the point home that the corrupt Democrat coup-plotters’ actions will no longer be tolerated. 

If the public thinks a mere banning of household appliances is where the Democomms are taking us, they are terribly unaware of history and the psychology of autocratic collectivist “philosophies.”

When the time comes…respond proportionally and accordingly (within the law, of course 😉). To quote Chuck Schumer (who is allowed to say such things), “they have released the whirlwind…and won’t know what hit them.”

Tuesday, August 01, 2023


An absolutely brilliant meme:



 Fifteen minute…Prisons.


Just an Example…

Developments in South Africa really could be anywhere that the Jacobin virus has taken root.  In South Africa’s case, the mantra gleefully proclaims a goal of “[killing] white people.” Coincidently it’s mingled with equally violent chants to “kill the farmer” — a leftist classic when the law of unintended (or perhaps intended?) consequences consistently puts mass-starvation on the list of recurring policy decisions from Marx-land.

Class, race, career status…anything will do when a clique of authoritarian psychopaths rouses the mob to orgies of destruction.

The headless chickens keep on marching…and splattering blood everywhere.

Stupid continues to be dangerous. 

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